Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Real Good Backcourt

Warriors’ Backcourt Best In NBA – After Detroit’s from Real GM
The Warriors' backcourt of Baron Davis and Jason Richardson is the NBA's best after the Pistons combo of Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups, and I will tell you why.
The other night when the Warriors' backcourt combined for 66 in a win at Dallas, I received a text message from my friend, and it said, "You just saw the best backcourt in the league," and that got me thinking.
Few Warriors fans will disagree that the Boom-Rich backcourt is one of the best in the NBA. Most Warrior fans will even agree that it's better than the Pistons' backcourt.
Do you think the Warriors would be better if they had Billups/ Hamilton instead of Baron/ Jason?


At 9:28 PM, Blogger mikej said...

I think we've got the best situation with Baron and Jason, right now. Billups, like Baron, adds toughness and an ability to hit the big shots, and Rip, like Jason, adds scoring explosiveness. But Hamilton in particular benefits from two of the best pick-setters in the game (the Wallaces), so he can run his Reggie-esque routes and play his catch-and-shoot to the best of his ability. Jason actually has a larger repertoire of shots, just doesn't have quite the same stroke from outside (few do). The article reinforced my belief that Jason is just one of those ridiculous athletes, with all the bursts of speed and strength he puts on at both ends of the court all game, every game. Pietrus's return is going to help, if for no other reason than that he provides better help on defense (certainly not on rebounding) when he's in there.

I'm really, really happy, probably happier than most, about the Warriors drafts of Biedrins, Ike, and Taft. I count Taft as a straight steal in the second round; he's contributed in almost every game he's been in, for the few minutes he's played. In the very first game, Zsa Zsa Pachoulia, for heaven's sake, was having his way in the middle...until Taft entered the game, laid his forearm on Zsa Zsa, and put a stop to all that. For the rest of the game. Then everybody else could relax, remember that this was the worst team in the NBA we were playing, and get down to the business of running them off the court.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger migya said...

Talentwise - No better backcourt!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Kirkkazas said...

awesome backcourt! If Davis can stay healthy, things are looking up.

I keep wondering if Gilbert Arenas was still here, wouldn't Arenas- Richardson be better than Davis- Richardson? Davis is a better leader and passer probably but Arenas is more young and explosive.


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