Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Murphy Package for Artest?

ESPN Daily Dime
If the Golden State Warriors now lead the Ron Artest Sweepstakes, as some of the other Artest suitors believe, don't expect a trade before Friday at the earliest.

Reason being: Indy visits Golden State in a nationally televised game Thursday.

Just a hunch but I'm guessing the Pacers would rather see Artest debut for his new team against someone else.

The name of Warriors power forward Troy Murphy has been increasingly mentioned as a key component of any Warriors-Pacers swap, but it remains to be seen A) if Golden State would be willing to part with Murphy and B) if Indiana is truly prepared to absorb Murphy's contract (which runs for five more seasons beyond this one at $51 million).


At 6:43 AM, Blogger migya said...

I've already said that I don't want Artest, he is too risky! However, IF he did get along with Baron and JRich (Ican see them being good friends) and his attitude stabilised, then he would be an upgrade because of his DEFENSE! The Warriors not beating the injured Pacers was disgraceful!

I'd still rather have Pietrus who will become like Artest, if not better, in two seasons!


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