Friday, July 08, 2005

A Look Back at Mullin's Moves

Dave over at MVN- The city dropped a piece Chris Mullin: Savior or St. Jean II? Any analysis of Chris Mullin's job has to start with some props to listening to all the fan votes here at the Golden Sate Warriors BLOG for the 2005 Draft. You wanted Ike and Chris delivered. We have our own opinions about how Mullin has done so far, but check out Dave's:

Chris Mullin’s name was closely linked to the Warriors in the late-80’s and most of the 90’s when he was dropping baskets night after night. When Golden State hired him to be a “special assistant,” you knew it was the beginning of the end for Garry St. Jean. The Warriors officially changed Mullin’s title to “Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations” on April 22nd 2004, and so the Mullin era began. In his time, Mullin has spent a lot of money, made a few trades, and re-signed some of his players. One year isn’t much time to really judge a general manager’s reign, but it does give enough time to step back and take a look.

Now Chris Mullin has brought life back into this franchise – there’s no question about it. The team has a core in place that’s locked up for a number of years. At the same time, some of the core will be looking at tens of millions of dollars as their careers decline. Jumping back to April ‘04, here is every transaction Mullin is made (excluding injured list and non-roster altering moves)


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