Friday, July 08, 2005

The Vegas Source

Paul from The NBA Source dropped a Vegas Summer League Preview. Here's his preview of the Warriors:

Golden State Warriors
7/8 vs Portland @ 12:00 PM
7/9 vs Cleveland @ 8:00 PM
7/11 vs Washington @ 1:00 PM *NBA TV*
7/14 vs Boston @ 5:00 PM *NBA TV*
7/15 vs Phoenix @ 8:00 PM *NBA TV*

The Vets: PF Andris Biedrins, F Zarko Cabarkapa

The Draftees: PF Ike Diogu, PG Monta Ellis, PF Chris Taft

The Wannabees:
F Brandon Gay (San Diego '05), SF David Graves (Notre Dame '02), SG Larry O'Bannon (Louisville '05), G Paul Marigney (St. Mary's (CA) '05), G Damir Miljkovic (Croatia '80), G Guy Muya (Belgium '83), PG Marque Perry (St. Louis '03), G Ronald Ross (Texas Tech '05), F Jawad Williams (North Carolina '05), SG Ray Young (UCLA '03)

What to Watch For: Biedrins and Diogu are likely to share minutes in the frontcourt next season, so it will be important to see which has a better showing in Vegas. Right now the odds are on Diogu to play a bigger role, but Biedrins has more size and might be able to push Foyle for some time at the 5. Ellis and Taft were two slick picks by Mullin in the 2nd Round and will be looking to stick it to teams that bypassed them in the draft. An impressive display by Taft might earn him a roster spot for next season, but the Warriors might be better off allowing both Taft and Ellis to mature and gain some confidence in the NBDL. Jawad Williams was a nice pick-up for Golden State and shouldn't have a problem being signed by a team this summer, though he'll likely be playing in the NBDL.


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