Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Introducing... HASH

If you've been an avid reader of this site, you've come to expect DAILY hype, rumors, humor, science, history, and fashion on the Golden State Warriors. Things have been a little slower than usual at the Golden State Warriors BLOG for past week or so, BUT with our new 6th man things are going to be different.

Today marks a giant step forward for the Golden State Warriors BLOG and the Hyphy Bloggin' Network (HBN) as a whole. I'd like to take a second to give our new contributor Hash, a Kings of Comedy- like introduction:

He hails from the East Bay... He is the winner of the HBN commenter of the year... He grabs more rebounds in 10 minutes of pickup ball than Mike Dunleavy does in 5 games...
His writing is more addictive than his name... He IS a VERY funny man. Put your comments together for my main man- HAAAASSSSHHHH!

Hash is coming...


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