Thursday, November 03, 2005

Warriors bury bad start

The first half started out much differently than the Warriors and us fans had wanted, down 10 to the lowly Hawks. The team was able to erase that deficit and end up blowing out the Hawks.
In the beginning Wednesday, there was light and loud noise and happiness and hope. In the end, there was a Warriors victory to kick off this immensely anticipated season.

But in between, after a fiery, drawn-out pregame show and a rolling, rollicking standing ovation, the Warriors started playing regular-season basketball, and it was bad.

Bad for one quarter against the thoroughly dreadful Atlanta Hawks. Then bad for an entire half, which ended with the Warriors trailing by 10 gruesome points.

Eventually, the Hawks realized they were still world-record bad, however, and the Warriors lit up the scoreboard with 75 second-half points to avoid the most embarrassing season-opening loss in at least a season.


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