Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Garnett would be big-name fix for Warriors' small-ball troubles

Will KG become a Warrior?

Close your eyes, Warriors fans. Imagine Kevin Garnett and Baron Davis, teamed together in blue and yellow to topple the San Antonio dictatorship.

Oh, I'd bet Chris Mullin smiles when he pictures it, almost as much as he grimaces when he visualizes yet another full-season power shortage at the Warriors' power forward spot.

I'd guess Mullin would do just about anything -- and offer to trade just about anybody -- if he had the teeny-tiniest shot at this superstar unification.

Open your eyes, Warriors fans: The Unofficial Garnett Trade Market just revved to life this week, and Mullin could turn out to be a very intriguing and very motivated participant.
Let's get Mullin on the phone with some potential trade offers. You know he reads this site, what are some trades you would put together for KG?


At 5:03 PM, Blogger Sam said...

Just like Chris Mullin smiled when he pictured robbing every other team in the league of the chance to pay Dunleavy 45 mil and Foyle 40 mil? Throw in Derek Fisher and the salaries almost balance out.

At 12:39 AM, Blogger b said...

Ok, I think Kawakami is borderline retarded. Take Garnett's name out of the title and put any premium named player there. He'd be better off spending time writing about something he is an expert at (see: anything not related to the Golden State Warriors). So, he wants to sell the farm in order to get one big named player. Hmm, lemme think back in the not to distant past. When have we done that before? Could his name start with C and end with Webber?! Wasn't that the start of pretty much 11 season of bottom dwelling?! BTW, does Kawakami notice that the team is WINNING?! Yeah... THIS is the time to mess with the chemistry.

We don't need a superstar, we have one... maybe two. We need additional supporting cast. That's all.

At 6:12 AM, Blogger migya said...

I wouldn't give any more than dunleavy and Murphy or Diogu and a future 1st round pick. The Lakers only got 3 pretty good players for Shaq, don't give more than that for KG. Murphy replaces him at PF and can play center, dun is SF and Diogu can play PF.

Reckon the Warriors should lay off until other teams make a proposal and then see what it will take


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