Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Listen up, Montgomery

Scott Ostler provides some friendly advice for the Coach.

So here's my three-point plan for getting the Warriors back on track after Sunday's somewhat-deflating loss to the Clippers:

Point 1: Bench the Baron.

Put Baron Davis into NBA-approved civvies for three games, starting with tonight's tilt against the Nets in Oakland. Yes, it's bad timing, because without Davis, the Nets' Jason Kidd could go all nutty.

That's where some step-back perspective is handy, the kind it's hard to have as the coach of a team hungry for wins. Toss away winnable games against New Jersey and Utah (Friday)? And risk looking really bad against the Spurs on Wednesday? Yes.

Point 2: More Mickael.

Montgomery might be ahead of me on this. Mickael Pietrus clanged three 3-point tries in the fourth quarter Sunday, but he has played himself onto the team's crunch-time unit. Or to put it less tactfully, Mike Dunleavy has played himself off that unit, temporarily.

Right now, Pietrus is a more useful player than Dunleavy, to use a "Thomas the Tank Engine" adjective. Pietrus passes as well as Dunleavy, defends as well or better, goes to the hoop better and has the best 3-point stroke on the team.

Point 3: Trade Dunleavy for Andrew Bogut.

Only kidding! The Bucks would not trade their No. 1-pick rookie center for Dunleavy.

Point 4: Rest Baron Davis this week.

That also was Point 1, but I wanted to catch Montgomery's attention in case he's a skimmer.


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