Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Davis trying to keep Foyle aware on offense

Baron wants to make Foyle a bigger part of the offense because teams always leave him open. He needs to work on catching the ball to become more effective on offense.
Midway through the first quarter of a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, Warriors point guard Baron Davis drove to the basket and threw a no-look past over his shoulder to Adonal Foyle, who finished the play with a hook in the lane. A minute or so later, Davis threw a no-look to Foyle in transition, setting up Foyle for an open dunk.

Despite Foyle's struggles catching the ball, struggles Foyle has acknowledged, Davis has been persistent about feeding his center.

``It's not cool not to pass it to him,'' Davis said. ``He's going to be open, so he's going to have to expect the ball, and he's going to get the ball.''


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