Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday Warrior Words, 10/19/05

It's that time again where we highlight the best comment or email we received. In this case, we are looking back over the last 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 week period. This time, we're giving out a copy of the Warriors 2004-2005 Yearbook I received at the Warriors season ticket holder orientation.

We received some great comments over the past 2 weeks so it was hard to pick just one. Here are the top 3 comments we received. The first two were in response to the post about the Warriors first preseason game:

realitybytes wrote about some of the problems carrying over from last season:
I saw what the Warriors can be in that first quarter. At the same time, I saw the same issues that continue to haunt them, particularly with Zarko(no D or rebounding), Biedrens(stupid fouls), and Dunleavy(just disappears in games).
He also touched on Fisher just not getting the job done as the PG of the 2nd team. Lastly, he mentioned how Dunleavy will have a hard time getting a fat new contract if he continues to disappear. Great comment that looked at some of the same 'ol problems.

adrian responded to the same post and offered his thoughts on benching dunleavy in favor of pietrus.
Pietrus can benefit much more from running the floor with Baron, and Dunleavey can contribute much more to a 2nd unit without a real playmaker.
He finished with a call for more minutes for Aaron Miles whose PG skills give the 2nd unit someone who will run the show. Lastly, he gave Foyle props for bringing energy and showing improvement on the offensive end.

Thirdly, we have mikej who responded to "5 Reasons to UP Dunleavy to the Max" and analyzed the Dunleavy contract situation. He looked at it from an angle of who will help the club the most, Dunleavy or Pietrus. It was an intersting comparison of the two players.
The salient point here is that either could HELP elevate the team. Neither one will serve as the catalyst--that's Baron's role, obviously. And fitting in and helping this newly knitted group stay together is something I trust Dunleavy to do more than I trust Pietrus to do. Pietrus's obvious talent will make him attractive in a trade, and no doubt he'd come back and torch us a few times, and I would wish him well--he's a unique player whom I love to watch. But I'd rather not watch him sulk over minutes and poison the delicate balance of egos that comprises our team like any NBA team....Overall, I believe that the change in the Warriors' roster and fortunes favors Dunleavy as much as any player on the team.
If you get the chance, go back and read these three excellent comments. We've chosen mikej as the winner this week for his in depth analysis of Dunleavy's contract situation, his game, and how he compares to Pietrus. While I may not agree with everything mikej wrote, he did present an intersting argument.

So here's your prize mikej. Email us at with your address so we can mail you your magazine. As always, thanks to everyone who reads our articles and leaves comments. Keep the comments coming. The regular season is almost here!


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