Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Monty

HOOPSWORLD dropped an article- On the Warpath - Am I Missing Something?- on Coach Mike Montgomery that augments the Golden State Warriors BLOG's own Fantasy Junkie's coach rankings (see Warriors Rankings: Mike Montgomery, Coach #20).

Well, guess what? That is exactly what happened. Monty and Company stumbled badly out of the gates last year and the Warrior faithful all too gleefully banded together to collectively exclaim “I told you so.” Did it bother Montgomery? It sure did not seem to. He didn’t start cracking down on his players and proclaiming it was his way or the highway, as all the experts had predicted would happen at the first sign of trouble. He didn’t lash out at the media. He didn’t grumble to management. He didn’t stop wearing tweed blazers. Instead, in an unprecedented move by a former college head honcho, Coach Montgomery took a look in the mirror and owned up to his shortcomings. And he has been working diligently to improve and learn ever since. Sure enough, the players responded and the franchise finally can see some light at the end of the tunnel.


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