Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday's Warriors Words July 27th

The Wednesday Warrior Words highlight a particular interesting comment or email we received in the past week.
This week's award goes to Still Boz Ballin who brings up a good point about misleading media bias.

I hate all this drama surrounding larry brown, especially when it was going on during the playoffs last year. Instead of talking about player matchups and the BASKETBALL that was being played, espn and all the other media wanted to talk about larry brown and his coaching future. WHO CARES?? Lets watch basketball.

By the way, LB is the most OVERRATED coach ever. Whoop de frickin do he won an NCAA title and a NBA title. He is good, and I don't mean to direspect him, but there is no reason for espn to lick on his balls like they so frequently do.

As for Monty, the pressure is on my friend. Good Luck.

Well said. As ESPN and the rest of sports media steers towards drama over content, the facts are becoming more concealed behind all the hype. A lot of unncessary ball-licking goes on in sports...may I once again point out our favorite Dunnuthin's so-called excellent "court vision" reflected by his 3 assist/game avg. Or commentators worshipping Brett Favre as he coasts to a 4-int, 1TD perfomance last season in the playoffs. As often as he gets praise, we'd never think he's had a 16-int, 11-td stat sheet in the playoffs since 1998. Those stats smell more like Tim Rattay than Hall of Fame. Let's hope Alex Smith doesn't have the same stench.

But back to media bias. Often, the inverse ball-licking occurs: a player who gets repeatedly and unjustly demonized. The last several years it's been hammered into my head through media coverage that AI is a "thug" and a "bad seed," when in fact he's been a family man who married his high-school girlfriend, and has put up legendary numbers (speaking of which, I don't remember Larry Brown getting too much of the flack for their relationship...who's still a loyal sixer?). And sure, TO has had his share of jackassed moments, but he hasn't deserved to become a media pincushion. He's put up some great stats, his antics are largely left on the field, and he's even founded a charity organization. Don't hear much about that from anyone. Perhaps the media should reserve the intense scrutiny for those who screw the world, like billionaire Walmart CEOs paying dirt wages/benefits to their workers or Worldcom ringleaders jacking investors for $11 billion. Just my 2 cents.
Thanks for the comment, it got me thinkin.

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At 9:44 AM, Blogger ken said...

part of the reason TO is such a target in the media is b/c he provokes it. also, his incredibly selfish attitude doesn't endear him to anyone. his childlike attitude doesn't help either as he constantly blames and insults people

At 6:29 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

i agree. i think TO is a special case! a basket case as well. Players like Alexander and James I can understand! they play hard and they don't say much, but they are underpaid for the level they are at.
its a tough scenario but I would encourage the NFL to have garanteed contracts but for shorter years.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Hellnaw! TO's not a target in the media because he provokes it. If this were true then Jeremy Shockey would get roasted like T.O.

Shockey's obnoxious, crude, and overhyped like Coke's C2. Remember that crazy Niners-Giants playoff game from a few years back? One of the greatest games ever I saw. Remeber Shockey flipping off all of the Niners fans in SF? Probably not, since the media gave his punk ass a pass. Any outrageous TD antics T.O. may have don't compare to Shockey's inappropriate behaviors.

You know T.O.'s and his Sharpie for the hillarious TD celebration, but what most of you don't realize is that the man has a charity program with Sharpie to provide school supplies to low income kids. Yo media- how about hyping that up, instead of jumping on him for some TD celebrations?

Anyway, football players like T.O. and Javon Walker should hold out every season until they get paid as much as they absolutely can. The Gm's and cheap owners can cut them any time they feel like it and not pay them even close to what both parties "agreed to". Corporate America at its worst.


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