Saturday, June 04, 2005

Marcus Thompson QA Forum Updated June 6th

Marcus Thompson Q&A Forum at the SJ Mercury

My favorite question and answer:

Where's the daily articles on which players the Warriors have been bringing in for workouts? I'm disappointed in the local papers lack of draft coverage for the Warriors. Die-hard Warriors fans have to find out via or word of mouth. But the casual fan would like to know more about these guys. Please step up your coverage. Thanks.
Jason Litteral, San Francisco, CA 6/03/05


The problem is the Warriors have been so tight-lipped. That's how Mullin operates. Unlike some other teams, who openly announce who they're bringing in, the Warriors choose to keep it a secret. So a lot of research goes into finding out who is working out. If I want to know who ise working out, I have to either call a thousand agents or hang out at the facility all day to see who's coming in. The problem with that is such a job requires a lot of man hours. But this is supposed to be time off for beat writers whose teams are not in the playoffs. Editors don't want writers working full days. And for what? The Warriors will work everybody out. Just like every team will. Knowing the date a specific player is working out isn't of much consequence. ... By the way, hoopshype is getting their information from the media. They're getting Warriors info from us.
Marcus Thompson 6/03/05

Props to Marcus Thompson for doing a great job overall (except his unwarranted praise of Dunleavy!). But this shows why the Golden State Warriors BLOG should be your first stop for Warriors info on the web. We're updated daily, many times more than that, while other major sites are taking the summer off. Bookmark Us!


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