Friday, June 10, 2005

Frye Impressive in Workout

Here is Chad Ford's take on the workout he saw of Channing Frye. As much as I've hated on Frye, it sounds like he looks good and is worthy of a top 10 pick. Should the Warriors take him?

"A few months ago scouts were talking about Arizona's Channing Frye as a late first-round pick.

A few weeks ago, they dramatically changed course, calling him a likely top-10 pick in the NBA draft.

How could he rise so high in such a short time? I went back to Tim Grover's ATTACK Athletics facility on Friday morning to see for myself.

Frye simply looked awesome. He's put on 10 pounds of muscle since he started training with Grover. Most of it is in his shoulders and chest. Now weighing a legit 260 and measuring 6-foot-11 in shoes, Frye looks like a center.

On the court, he was even more impressive. He's improved his explosiveness the past few months and is now springing off the floor. Laterally, he's very quick and moves effortlessly around the court.

He showed off an impressive array of basketball skills. He has an excellent jump shot and has extended his range out to the college 3-point line. He gets great lift on his jumper and should be murder on the pick and pop. He's especially impressive with his accuracy on step-backs and fadeaways.

Frye has a soft touch around the basket. He also showed some great footwork. He used his quickness to spin away from defenders on the baseline and also showed a nice little baby hook.

The bottom line is that he should be able to score in the League.

Whatever knocks there are against Frye weren't evident in his workout. Scouts have questioned the toughness and aggressiveness Frye displayed at Arizona. I think he dispelled some of that in the NCAA Tournament.

Any team that brings him in for a workout will be impressed. Frye's agent, Rob Pelinka, is being very selective about the teams Frye works out for.

For NBA teams looking for a skilled, athletic big man with shot-blocking skills, they're not going to get a prospect better than Frye. That's why he's moved up to the top 10. It's tough to imagine the Knicks, Warriors and Lakers all passing on him."

The way Chad Ford describes him, it seems as if he should go top 5. But I still don't think the Warriors should take him (yet) over Granger, Warrick, or Felton. Has he worked out for the Warriors yet?


At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Frye is a legit 260, I think the Ws will conside him. I also think a lot of other teams will too.

Right now the top 9 players are Bogut,M Williams, Paul, Green, Felton, D Williams, Vasquez, Frye, and Granger. One of these players will fall. I think it'll be Vasquez.

At 9:03 AM, Anonymous UNCBabyBlue said...

Don't forget Sean May!


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