Saturday, June 11, 2005

Fanball Mock Draft #2

Fanball has their new mock draft up:

Fanball Mock Draft #2

At #9, the Golden State Warriors select:

"9. Golden State Warriors: Tiago Splitter, PF, Spain
While the name rolls off the tongue as if you're ordering an import in a trendy Manhattan eatery, this 20-year-old won't leave that bitter-beer taste in the Warriors' mouth. This isn't his first exposure in the draft. A year ago, he toyed with the idea of entering, but backed out when he realized he wouldn't be a lottery pick. He gives the Warriors some depth and options at the four, especially with Troy Murphy coming up like Marcus Camby lately."

Tiago Splitter this time. People have the Warriors all over the board: Splitter, Frye, Warrick, May, Granger, Felton, Graham, Vazquez. Either Chris Mullin is a genius at not tipping his hand and/or this draft has only 3 impact players (Bogut, Williams, Paul) with everyone else unable to distinguish themselves from the others.


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