Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dunleavy Needs to Shut Up

Admittedly, we are not the biggest fans of Mike Dunleavy Jr. here at the Golden State Warriors BLOG (check the archives), but what the man (he's not a kid see end of Foyle + Dunleavy for Artest? Free Artest!) said the other day after the blow out loss to the Suns was unexcusable.
"We can't just go throw the ball out there and play street ball, and that's what we rely on," Dunleavy said. "When the going gets tough, that's what we rely on. You can't just let your All-Stars, your best players, go one-on-one. As good as those guys are, the other guys are good, too.
"I've been trying to explain this to everybody since the first game of the season," he continued. "Everybody thinks we can get by on it. We got by on it early in the season because we weren't playing good teams. The majority of teams in the league, as we are finding out, are good teams."
Mike- who are you to call out your teammates after a string of losses? Only just recently have you managed to pull your scoring average to double digits this season. You've had a horrendous seaon that has left many other hoops GM's, people in the media, hoops fanatics, and especially Warriors fans scratching their heads as to why you got paid 44 million big ones. Not one of your teammates ever called you out this season through the media during a string of performances that would get you cut from most WNBA teams. For some bizzare reason you have the audacity to call out the All-Stars or best players on this team (thinly veiled shots at Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, and Troy Murphy). Before you start pointing the finger look in the mirror.
Shut Yo Mouth!

His supporters have maintained that he has a positive locker room presence. Calling your teammates out in the media is not exactly constructive. It's unprofessional.

Dunleavy is still bringing some awful defense, but if you look at the boxscores the past 4 games his numbers look decent aside from his horrid 3 point shooting. Never mind that all 4 of these games have been losses and he's logged heavy minutes in mostly blow out games. Some dumb GM like Danny Ainge is always susceptible to go for a white player with mythical upside. It's time to take this complainer and trade him while his value is at its peak.

The Warriors are going nowhere with the perimeter combo of Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy. One of them has to go. Troy's a professional who brings it every night with his rebounding and shooting. Mike is Mr. Inconsistency bring more 2 point 30 minute nights than Adonal Foyle. Dunleavy continually complains to the media about his teammates and even Warrior fans. Have you ever head Troy complain about his teammates or the fans? It's time for Mike Dunleavy to go.

Do you think Dunleavy's comments to the media are classless? Would you like to see him moved?


At 2:45 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

You know, I really don't have a problem with what Dunleavy said. In fact I'm really happy he did, and here is why.

I think people are taking his comments the wrong way by thinking he is bashing on his teammates. I think its more of a bash on the coaching system. I agree with Dunleavy in the fact that the warriors play too much one on one and shoot way too many 3pters. I personally believe they need to either find a way to incorporate Dunleavy into the offense or trade him. He really has no part of the offense right now because when i watch the games i see them passing to dunleavy and spreading out just watching to see what he is going to do. i think they shouldn't do that because he is better if he is cutting to the basket or getting open shots. But mostly he is just getting a couple touches and everyone expects him to do something with the ball when that is not his strength.

I like Dunleavy taking this sort of leadership or expressive stance because i think this is what we need. this is what could possibly stir up the warriors to take us to the next level or trade him. maybe now the players will listen or the coaching staff will take note. whether you like dunleavy or not he is an important player to the team so its not worth it to just let him sit on the side. we either incorporate him big time or trade him.

In conclusion: I like this situation. because it has everyone all stirred up. now its up to the warriors to use this as a way to bond and work together, or find a way to trade dunleavy who can work better in a different situation.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Hotspur said...

Dunleavy's been a major disappointment this season, obviously.

Nobody disputes that.

But you know what?

On this point, he's absolutely right. This team is playing lousy team basketball, and if Monty isn't going to call people out for it, then somebody has to.

Mike D has been party of the problem this year, sure. But so has every player on the team, in one way or another.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Did anyone see Dunleavy's awesome running hook shot with about 4:40 left in the Lakers game? My jaw hit the floor when I watched that clanker barely hit the backboard.

Oh and update the Fantasy League...I'm in the top 3 and my dream of internet stardom can finally come true if you update it. If not for me, do it for Jesus.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

Yea i'm watching the game right now and saw the clanker. wait for my game recap. did you at least see his awesome block on Odom.
well this game is basically over. two minutes left and kobe took over .

At 9:50 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...


At 10:45 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Yah I thought it was actually pretty fitting that Foyle took the shot after the announcers spent such a long time talking about how its good Kobe takes control as it gives the team certainty during clutch time.

Im beginning to think that the Warriors are allergic to the paint. 32 3's tonight...over 1/3 of our shots were from behind the arc...

My question to you at GWS Blog...will this losing streak push Mullin into swinging the Artest deal? Or will he see that even if they got Artest, the team would be lacking in other areas it wouldnt be worth it?

All I know is that if Artest was playing, Parker wouldn't have drove to the paint like it was a WYMCA game.

At 10:07 AM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

lawrence- Who knows if Mullin and the Warriors management will make a move- any move that is. They sat on their hands in the offseason and did next to nothing on the free agent/ trade market. On most other teams, Monty would be fired by now and a serious trade would be looming. The Warriors biggest problem is defense. Artest can help them out big time. If it means sacrificing Ike, then they need to do it. The Warriors have too many raw players. They need players who can step up now.

At 11:25 AM, Blogger LancerEvoV said...

I totally agree with atma brother #1. Dun is basically stating the obvious; everybody knows the W's offense is based too much on 1 on 1 and chucking 3's. Anybody who watches them play knows this. But why is he complaining to the media? And talking about "street ball"? And the "All-Stars" on the team?

I think MDJ is a whiny little biatch. He's been complaining and crying all season, while not producing. He should take up his complaints with the coach and management. I've never heard a quote from any of his teammates complaining about the fact that MDJ sucks. But I did hear MDJ blame his crappiness on others and complain about fans getting on his case.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

Maybe its me, but I feel there should be more pressure on Monty then Dunleavy. If you look at Dunleavy ... his play is decent and we all know he can do a better job, but i really think the coaching staff has to figure a way to get him more involved. Instead of us bagging on the guy i'd like to see the coach try to figure a way to utilize him. I mean its been a freaking half season already and we still haven't seen anything!!
I think we need to pick up Stan Van Gundy!!!!

At 9:17 PM, Blogger mikej said...

I don't think Dunleavy's statement was incorrect, but it was destructively inappropriate. You tell those things to your teammates and staff in private. No one likes to hear things through the media that they haven't heard to their face, and that's not limited to sports. Dunleavy's implication that he's been right all along and no one has listened to him conveys his frustration more than anything else, and one's personal frustration with a team is the last thing to air to the media (who love it). The only thing for Dunleavy to do now is to apologize to his teammates and staff--individually, not at some meeting-- for going public, never do it again, and assure them that he will speak to them in person next time he has criticisms.

A propos of something only slightly related: Diogu should have received more touches against the Lakers, especially in the fourth quarter. He's a good free-throw shooter, would have given the offense a new wrinkle (ball to low post--what an idea!), and hey, nothing else was working.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger LancerEvoV said...

I agree that there should be a ton of pressure on Monty. But Monty being a bad coach doesn't mean MDJ should talk shit about the team to the media. I think we need a new coach, and if we should land Artest, we DEFINITELY need a new coach. Artest will eat Monty alive.

At 2:54 AM, Blogger migya said...

The coach is the one that should organise the team properly out on the floor and he has not done it!!!!

Why the fuk is Diogu not getting alot of court time! He is doing well when he gets the ball and needs consistent minutes to play better!

This team is so talented but the players are not being used to anywhere near their potential!


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