Friday, November 11, 2005

Warriors' quick start makes coach happy

Coach Monty is happy with the recent start compared to last year, but still acknowledges the need for large improvements.
Coach Mike Montgomery said he doesn't think the players will get overconfident. But he did say they should be careful not to forget their need for improvement.

For example, the Warriors still need to get their transition offense together. Expected to be an up-tempo team, the Warriors have yet to get out on the fast break consistently.

There are other areas where the Warriors need improving. Several players said they still haven't found their rhythm as a team. If they stay focused and continue to improve, with 11 of their next 15 games at home, their good start may lead to Pacific Division title contention.

"As long as everybody stays receptive, stays hungry, the wins will come," Montgomery said. "Typically after a loss, you see teams focus because the next game is important" to avoid a losing streak.

"When you win, sometimes you can get a bit complacent. So we've got to guard against that."


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