Wednesday, November 09, 2005

RECAP: Warriors 110, Bucks 103

Big win. Huge. Took down the undefeated Bucks on their home court by hitting big shots and free throws at the end.

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Troy Murphy. Big time game. I was lovin it, not like McDonalds, but if you saw the game he was on fire and the Bucks couldn't stop him in the 2nd half. 25 points on 9-15 shooting, 4-7 3's, and 4-4 FT's. Big shot after big shot.

Then there was JRich who not only got his buckets (23 points), but he was a monster on the boards. With the Warriors struggling in the past few games with rebounding, it looks like JRich took it upon himself to battle the bigs, grabbing 14 Rodmans, 11 were defensive. Not only that but he played incredible D on Michael Redd, holding him 10 points below his average and only 2 free throws in the 4th quarter. Actually it wasn't even JRich guarding Redd when he got fouled. I loved how JRich played and if he can keep up the defensive effort, hit the boards, and score, he'll get his props nationally and possibly make the All-Star game.

I gotta give props to Derek Fisher. He still took some bad shots, but he showed he's still capable of making the clutch shots. He knocked down a three with a couple minutes remaining and then hit his free throws down the stretch to seal the deal. I was watching the game and thinking to myself, "There's 2 Warriors I want right now shooting free throws if the Bucks decide to foul, Baron Davis and Derek Fisher." As much as I hate on Derek Fisher for his poor shot selection and decision making, he's one of the few guys on the team that I trust to hit clutch shots.

Baron was Baron. Ho hum, 20 points, 15 dimes, 6 boards. He's still hoisting 3's like crazy, going 3-10, and had 6 turnovers, but I'll deal with that as long as he's the catalyst and leader of this team. He scored some big buckets down the stretch as well, as the Warriors would clear out a side for him and he'd just go 1 on 1 with his defender.

Mike Dunleavy was nonexistent for most of the game. 44 minutes? 10 points, 4-11 shooting, 5 boards, 2 helpers, 3 turnovers. He hit a couple three's in the fourth to help push the lead, but for the first three quarters he was on the court a lot, but lacked any production. C'mon Mike, time to start playing.

So Dunleavy plays 44 minutes, that means Pietrus isn't going to play many minutes. He played 5 in the first half and 12 overall. I'm not sure if he's hurt or just tired, but I'd like to know why he was not in the game. He did have one sweet block of Maurice Williams where he swatted the ball out of bounds. Good to see him hustle back on D. Other than that and a couple threes, he needs to produce more in the time he's given.

Foyle actually caught the ball and scored. Gotta love it when he surprises you. In addition to the 9 points, he played awesome defense on the Milwaukee bigs.

I have to give it up to Maurice Williams. He was their best player down the stretch as he hit big shot after big shot to keep them in the game, finishing with 21 points.

Lastly, the Warriors hit their free throws, 19-26 (73%), rebounded, and played good defense. If they can consistently do this, even when they are cold from the field, they will keep the games close. Good teams win the close games, and hitting your free throws is key to winning the close games. So as a team, the Warriors played well. This was a team win, no one person carried the team and that was great to see.

Warrior Wonder
Baron Davis to Troy Murphy Combo
These two hooked up countless times during the game and came up with a couple huge screen rolls at the end of the game. Murphy hit a huge three and then a layup plus the free throw. These two played their hearts out tonight.


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Still Boz Ballin said...

Totally agree with everything. Great game to watch. Good call on DFish (bad shot selection but clutch) and the nonexistent Dunleavy. At least he hit some open shots, that's really all I'm asking from him at this point because Baron will find him.

One thing that frustrated me was we threw WAAAY too many bad passes. Just careless turnovers. Fortunately, we would usually come back and redeem ourselves with a three ball this game and that is why we won. To beat top notch teams though we are gonna have to be smart with the basketball.

I also hate it when guys face up their defender and go one-on-one and then take a deep jump shot. DFish does this all the time, JRich too, and it just seems we can always get open looks by going through Baron. 15 dimes!

I said at the start of the game that in order to win, JRich would need to pull 12 boards. He then goes out and grabs 9 in the FIRST QUARTER. His jump shot is looking so sweet too. If we have a winning record come voting time, he'll be an all star for sure.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Troy also deserves some props for getting to the free throw line 30 times this year. Good for 12th in the league.

He's a good shooter and getting to the line will help him keep a great 18ppg scoring average.


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