Friday, November 04, 2005

Preview: Warriors vs Jazz

The Warriors look to improve their record to 2-0 as they take on the Jazz tonight at 7:30. They'll look to avoid the sluggish start they had against the Hawks and come out firing tonight just like they did in the 2nd half of the Hawks game.


ESPN Preview

Baron pulled his hamstring last game, and it is unsure if he'll play tonight. If that's the case, we'll get to see how the team plays without their star. They played well at the end of the Hawks game when Baron was out, but this will be a true test against a better team. There's no need for the Warriors to take a chance on Baron missing extended time by rushing him back before he's fully healed. Right now he's a game time decision but don't be surprised if he misses the game.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

The Jazz are without Boozer, so it'll still be a good barometer of the team even without Baron -- the Jazz are seen as a sleeper team as well. But the Jazz' best backcourt player is a rookie, so if Baron does play, I'd look for the Warriors to have a huge backcourt advantage.

At 12:20 AM, Blogger EdGetsItRight said...

Top ten reasons why the Warriors will miss the playoffs again:

10. Derek Fisher (nickname Not The Answer) is an offense killer, not a point guard. Memo to Derek: If you're going to play like Iverson and not set up other guys, then you have to post Iverson-like numbers. Hoisting up shots at random while everyone else watches won't get it done.

9. No one, and I mean no one, on this team can make two consecutive free throws. Not Murph. Not Derek. Not Mr. 44 Million Dollars. Not JR. Not even Chewbacca, or whatever his name is. NO ONE!!!! (By the way, did you notice that Jarron Collins, coached at Stanford by, ahem, Mike Montgomery, stepped up and calmly drained two? Why the BLEEP can't our guys do that?)

8. There are only 12 people on the entire planet who don't know that Mehmut Okur can hit a three and they all play for the Warriors.

7. The good news is that Jason Richardson can go to the basket any time he wants to. The bad news is that he only wants to twice a game. The rest of the time, he goes between the legs, steps back, and throws up a three a la Derek Fisher. Then I throw up.

6. The three great lies: 1) I'll still love you in the morning. 2) I'm from the government and I'm here to help you. 3) Mike Dunleavy can shoot.

5. Apparently, there is no word for "assist" in French.

4. They STILL can't hit a free throw.

3. People, people, people. I'm only going to say this once: Adonal is a shot blocker, not an offensive threat. So stop passing him the ball on the break and making him look stupid, will ya?

2. Did you see their faces? They look like whipped dogs and it's only game 2!!!!!!

1. It's just a f---ing free throw!!! Hell, I shot 70% from the line in HIGH SCHOOL, and I was TERRIBLE. Guys, next time you have an afternoon off, put down your doobie, tell your ho to wait, drive your limo down to the park, find a hoop, and shoot about a gazillion free throws, will ya? Do it for me. Do it for Warrior fans everywhere. Thank you.


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