Monday, July 11, 2005

Warriors 79, Wizards 88

In game three of Summer League play, Warriors drop their third straight--this time to absolute no namers.

Folks over at have some great commentaries on the Ellis, Taft, Biedrins, Zarko, and Diogu in this game, along with other interesting notes fom the other games going on in Vegas. (courtesy of
From the looks of the box score, The Warriors can't play defense, letting the Wizards shoot close to 50% from the field. The Warriors, again, shot poorly hitting close to 40% of their shots--perhaps you'd have to credit the Wizards D? I didn't catch the game, but i'd love to hear from folks that did.

Box Score

A lot of people have noted that Summer League play means nothing. Skita was the MVP of his summer league season--now he's out of work.


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