Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday Warriors Words June 8th

Warriors Quotable
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Each Wednesday we scour the Warriors forums, articles, newspapers, television for the quotable of the week. Post in our comments or other Warriors forums and you're eligible. Make sure to check back every Wednesday on the Golden State Warriors BLOG to see if you dropped the week's quotable.

This week's quotable comes from BaronMVP06 a poster at In response to other posters who praised Mike Dunleavy Jr. BaronMVP06 wrote:
dunleavy is my favorite player. he makes all the players he is defending look like superstars so it's fun to watch warrior games and see some random SF light him up. and he's so incredibly quick, i think he must be the fastest white guy on the team. and his vision? wow. he must have learned from adonal foyle.

c'mon the dude sucks. how many #3 picks average 13ppg in their 3rd season. versatile? yea great he gets tore up at 4 different positions, PG, SG, SF, and PF. if you're going to give up 20ppg then you better score 20ppg.

who said he played well at the end of the season? the stats say he didn't. the last 20 games of the season he averaged right around his season average, except he shot a higher percentage. speaking of season averages...did he even improve on his season average from last year? rebs, assists went down, points up 2ppg, and he shot about 1% better for fg%, ft%, and 3pt%.

please someone back up their superstar projections with some statistics. if he's the next larry bird, adonal is the next wilt (on the court that is, we know he surpasses wilt off the court).

Just one question BaronMVP06- in what specific area does Adonal surpass Wilt off the court?

Can you top BaronMVP06? Stay tuned Warriors Nation and keep posting...


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went to a Warriors game and girls were flashing their boobs at him like it was mardi gras. then he flashed his signature smile and pointed at all his lady fans...Foyle is a stud.

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous BaronMVP06 said...

haha awesome, thanks for recognition.

ladies love adonal. you think he's sitting on the bench because he sucks? it's because he's hitting up all the ladies in the stands for the digits. he didn't sign for $40 mil to play center, mullin had to keep him around so adonal could hook him up with the females. basketball just gets in the way of the pimpin'.


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