Thursday, June 30, 2005

Shoot Outs straight from the Ike

New Warrior Diogu can shoot it from SF Chronicle by Janny Hu

The way Rob Evans sees it, the Warriors got more than the low-post scorer and rebounder they were looking for in Ike Diogu. The Arizona State coach believes Golden State also found itself a shooter.

With range, that is.

"Every year, we challenge him to improve a different part of his game," said Evans, Diogu's college coach. "Coming out of (Spring 2004), every day last summer, that's what he worked on, shooting from 3-point range.

"The biggest thing you have to understand now is he can take his game outside."

You have to wonder- if the hype is true will the Warriors have some of the best long range shooting PF's in the league in Troy Murphy and Ike Diogu? It's a strange quality to have on your hoops squad.


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