Thursday, June 30, 2005

Taft Terror

MVN- The City covers everything you wanted to know about Chris Taft and more in I’m so motivated, it’s unbelievable!

Obviously being drafted #42 was a combination of poor workouts, a bad reputation, and a lot of bad luck. A good thing about being picked this late is that now the onus is on Taft. Had he gone in the lottery, the money would have been guaranteed, and he would have been set for life. Now, as a second round pick, Taft has to earn his way into the NBA. If he lollygags it, there will be a Greyhound bus ticket to the nearest NBDL team. And for the Warriors, all they risk is a second round pick. Taft may be inconsistent, but he’s still a big time prospect. Don’t forget he’s only 20.


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