Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sticking with Dunnuthin'

Mullin fancies Ike and Mike by Carl Steward for Inside Bay

YOU CAN bet Mike Dunleavy watched Tuesday night's NBA Draft with a great deal of interest, if not some degree of apprehension and anxiety.
After all, it's one thing for your team to tell you that it loves you and that it wants you around forever. But until the team demonstrates its intentions through its actions, a player can never be sure what tomorrow may bring.

An overlooked aspect of the Golden State Warriors' draft is that by selecting Arizona State power forward Ike Diogu with the No.9 pick, they basically told the outside world that Dunleavy is probably going to continue as a Warriors' starting small forward for a while and perhaps even throughout his prime years.


At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Mullin's pick is a vote of confidence to Mike. It's more to the fact that this team needs to establish a low post presence and tough rebounding in order to compete in the West.

If Mullin extends Mike this offseason like Jason and Troy last year than that's a vote of confidence. I think Mullin or specifically Cohan will want to take a wait and see approach with Mike.

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carl Stewart's explanation that Granger and Green are SFs who may or may not be an upgrade over Dunleavey, but who would not address our needs for strength in the paint, is the best commentary so far.

I believe that we will see that Diogu will become a very good PF in the league, much like Granger, Graham and probably Green will become very good SFs. Green is the one who might become a great SF. However, for every 10 highschool kids who someone says will become the next MJ, roughly half do not become anything in the league, 3 or 4 more become very good players, but not superstars. It would be a huge gamble to bet that Green will be future allstar, while it might only be 50/50 that he'll be a very good SF.

Diogu's 3 years in the Pac-10 are evidence that he'll be a very good player. He is the first player ever to lead the Pac-10 in Pts, Rebs and blocks. His accomplishments suggest lower risk and he fills the Warriors biggest need.

Mully is a genius. We will all look back on this draft as a critical step toward the era of Warrior brilliance, the draft that gave us the balanced team, the team with strength across board and the depth to run our opponents ragged. We don't need 4 or 5 superstars, who would bust the budget anyway, we need strength and depth and good players who are willing to play their part.

Go Warriors.


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