Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Early Diogu

Diogu picked earlier than expected in first round from

Of the first 15 picks in the NBA Draft, only one didn't step up to the ESPN set at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, wearing the logo of his new employers. Only one didn't make the trip to New York at all. Ike Diogu couldn't put on a baseball cap with a Warriors insignia unless he went to a sporting-goods store in Dallas and bought one.

The No. 9 pick said that even if he had been invited to the Garden, he would have preferred to stay in Texas and be around his family. Diogu knew he wasn't a glamorous prospect. He projected himself in the No. 15 to No. 25 range, not in the top 10.

That attitude will serve Diogu well, because the Warriors hired him for grunt work. They expect him to wash windows.


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