Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Revolution will be Drafted?

Revolution No. 9? It could happen by Janny Hu for SFGate.com

Four more players entering the draft, four more players to choose. More importantly, Mullin knew, the deeper the talent pool pushed down to Golden State at the No. 9 spot.

Barring any trades, that is where the Warriors will make their first selection in tonight's NBA Draft at Madison Square Garden. Tar Heels forward Marvin Williams and point guard Raymond Felton will not be around, but their entry means New Mexico's Danny Granger or Arizona's Channing Frye just might be.

Syracuse's Hakim Warrick and North Carolina's Sean May, the reigning Final Four MVP? Both likely will be available, which reiterates Mullin's point: There are plenty of options in this surprisingly "deep draft."


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