Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Don't Bust Out!

It's draft day! We here at the Golden State Warriors BLOG are excited but you can bet bet your ridiculous Bay Area rent or mortage that we've got fingers and toes crossed hoping that the Warriors don't pick another comedic BUST.

Sports Illustrated.com has a photo gallery of the top 20 NBA Draft Busts. Warriors fans probably won't be too shocked to see the team coming on strong in the worst way on this list.

18. Todd Fuller, Warriors

No. 11, First Round –- 1996
An Academic All-American who couldn’t put two and two together on the court, Fuller was one in a series of disappointing Golden State picks. The last selection of the ill-fated Dave Twardzik Era, Fuller was taken ahead of Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Peja Stojakovic, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Jermaine O'Neal. Ouch. Fuller averaged around four points and three rebounds in five NBA seasons.

13. Billy Owens, Kings

No. 3, First Round –- 1991
The Next Larry Bird? He was barely the Next Ken Norman. Owens was a jack of all trades, master of none, unless you count floating through practices and tipping the scales to be admirable qualities worth mastering. Drafted by the Kings, Owens became part of a Danny Ferry-esque deal between Sacramento and Golden State that saw the Warriors give up future Hall of Famer Mitch Richmond for Owens' rights.

4. Joe Smith, Warriors

No. 1, First Round -- 1995
Average in name and game, Smith has parlayed his status as a top overall pick into a serviceable career for five different teams, but later selections Antonio McDyess, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace and (especially) Kevin Garnett all have had better careers. Smith's selection changed the way NBA teams look at lottery picks -- do you take the fully-formed All-American from the ACC or the rail-thin project out of high school? Unfortunately for the Warriors, in '95, orthodoxy was out the window.

2. Chris Washburn, Warriors

No. 3, First Round -- 1986
Of the dozens of busts in the '86 Draft, most either fell victim to obesity (William Bedford) or drug problems (Roy Tarpley). Somehow, Chris Washburn combined the two in one glorious, spiraling descent out of the lottery and into oblivion. The N.C. State product scored a grand total of 222 points in 72 career games.

5 years from today when we're talking about the 2010 NBA Draft let's pray we aren't joking about the Warriors 2005 lottery pick.

Either way- Happy Draft Day!


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm conflicted. i don't know if i should be 'proud' that the warriors starred on this list so many times... or sad that they're 'starring' on this list.

At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Celtics Fan said...

Be happy- you've done us good.


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