Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Enough to Feed the Greedy

Time for Warriors to pick greed over need by Ryan Phillips for the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The point is, you can draft a star with any pick in the draft if you choose right. And picking for need limits the odds that player will become a star.

This year, the Warriors may be lucky enough to fill a need with the best player available. Should the center-deficient Knicks pass on Frye with the No. 8 pick, Golden State should grab the Arizona product. Rarely does a lottery team get to pick a player that not only is among the best talent left, but also fills its greatest need while also being able to contribute right away.

Who knows? Maybe he’ll even become a star like some other recent No. 9 selections — Stoudemire, McGrady, Shawn Marion (1999), and Dirk Nowitzki (1998).

But if Frye is gone, the Warriors shouldn’t pick someone else because he plays the center position, or can post someone up.

It’s time the Warriors learn from their mistakes and pick a player because he’s the best.


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