Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nate King Cole

Earl with more hops!
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David Schoen for Inside Bay Area writes that the Warriors with the 9th pick in the draft should take... Nate Robinson!? Not that we here at the Golden State Warriors BLOG don't love Nate's NASA hops and game (out of this world), but with the #9 pick? Most likely you could snatch up Nate in the early 2nd round. Schoen's reasoning is a bit sketchy in the article, but definitely take a look especially if you're a Nate Robinson fan.

Forget about all the big men in this draft and take the smallest guy available, the guard from Washington generously listed at 5-foot-9 who was taunted by the Oregon student section because he looks like Gary Coleman.

For real.

The 2nd coming of Earl Boykins to the Warriors? We'll take it.


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