Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ESPN Mock Draft - Ike Diogu

ESPN's latest version of their mock draft has the Golden State Warriors taking PF Ike Diogu.

"The Warriors want Frye or Granger, but if those two are off the board, they'll look for the next-best power forward. Sean May, Hakim Warrick and Chris Taft will all get looks here as well. Diogu gets the nod because of his length (he has the reach of a 7-footer, a la Elton Brand) and shot-blocking ability."

The first 10 picks
1) Bogut, 2) M. Williams, 3) Paul, 4) Deron Williams, 5) Granger, 6) Frye, 7) Green, 8) Vazquez, 9) Diogu, 10) Webster


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