Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wednesday's Warrior Words

wednesday's warrior words.. Posted by Hello

It's Wednesday again and yes, time to give some Warrior fan some shine--either that or to put them on blast for some ill advised comments. This week, we'd like to give special attention to an "anonymous" commenter this week on our blog for his/her historical knowledge on Warrior draft boo-boos. This person commented to our June 18th post about Warrior draft busts. Here is his comment on perhaps one of the most underrated busts in Warrior's history:

"Russell Cross. Cross was taken in the first round of 1983 (6th overall). He was cut half way through his rookie season. Clyde Drexeler went 14th that year. Given the way contacts work nowadays, there's no way you'll see a top ten pick in the NBA get cut during his rookie year. Cross was so bad, he didn't play one more game in the NBA after being cut by the Warriors."

We at the Warriors Blog salute you "anonymous" for your incredible research! We here at the Warriors blog are all about offering fresh perspectives and intelligent commentaries that contribute to new ideas and knowledge on Warriors blunders. You avoided the contemporary Warriors draft history instead choosing to tell a deeper and more complex narration of historically poor management and scouting. Few have been able to dig deeper, and those few are us here at the Warriors blog. But, we still thank you for your contributions anyway!


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