Thursday, June 30, 2005

All About a B's 2005 Draft Review handed out a B to the Warriors.

The Warriors got the need right -- a low-post scorer -- and had their pick of several guys who could fit the ball. Unfortunately, they picked wrong with Diogu, a smallish power player who benefitted from being the man at Arizona St. and dominated a very soft league inside for three seasons. Diogu's skills are limited and he's not an impressive athlete.

Golden State got tremendous value from their second-round selections of Ellis and Taft, who both slid from Lottery heights. Ellis tested poorly at Chicago, but numbers lie: he's an explosive option at guard who just needs to work on grasping the finer points of running an offense and involving his teammates. Taft's motor has always been an issue, but this slap in the face may awaken him. The flashes of dominance in the paint are often fleeting, but it's hard not to be sucked in when you see his power and quickness intersect even for a moment. ... B


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