Friday, May 27, 2005

the new Fab 5!

Gerilyn. homegrown from the nickel dime. Posted by Hello

Audrey. Never a drop of sweat. Posted by Hello

Michelle! Rock yo body-body! Rock yo body- body! Posted by Hello

Sanae! Work it! Posted by Hello

ugggh!!! it's sara! Posted by Hello

Mad props to the Warriors for their consistently bomb off-season dealings: Hiring Asian American dancers for their cheerleading squad! While most teams are rushing to sign free agents or making trades to bolster their teams chances for a championship or playoffs at least, the Warriors shelled out mid range dollars for minimum skilled players like Adonal Foyle and Derek Fisher and J.Rich’s practice squad punching bag, Luis Flores. Yet with the money saved, the Warriors have been able to--annually--complete their cheerleading squad with Asian American hotties that have effectively kept the Asian/Asian American fans, like myself, halfway interested in the organization and at games when they are getting blown out by shitty teams (in the pre-Baron era). I remember attending several games and seeing Audrey drop it like it’s hot about 3 rows up from where Stan and I were sitting, shakin’ it as if the Warriors hopes of winning depended on it despite a 10+ point deficit. Audrey was definitely our favorite, but this Asian American starting 5 could out dance and “serve” just about any other dance team in the NBA.

There have been more and more Asian American dancers in the NBA every year, but few teams have more than a couple, often topping out at two or three. It’s not just East Asians and South East Asians, but also South Asians and Pacific Islanders as well! Two years ago, the Washington Wizards featured a South Asian American and this past season, the Blazers organization had two dancers ethnically Guamanian, also known as Chamorros. But I applaud the Warriors Asian American dancers and consider them the real “franchise” players of these organization. For those of us who don’t like “White meat”(pun, I mean this in the most unsexist way..really a plug towards brown folks..white meat is dry anyway, dark meat all the way!), we at least have some Asian sistas to applaud and support. However, the one thing the Warriors are lacking is more Black and Latina dancers. Perhaps the Warriors could swing a deal trading perhaps one or two of their fine Asian American dancers in a packaged deal to another team with a large Asian American population nearby, say New York or Los Angeles? Maybe we could get Kobe for Sanae and Sara? Or would that go down as another bad trade in Warriors lore, perhaps superseding the Robert Parish and #3 pick (eventually Kevin McKhale) for #1 pick (Joe Barry Carroll) and #13 pick (some shitty dude) as the worst trade in Warriors history? At any rate, here’s to the Warriors and their Asian American cheerleaders for giving us something to cheer about!


At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think trading 2 of these cheer leaders could bring us KG.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger dj fuzzylogic said...

dude, we could get KG and Jesus Christ with these two ladies. jk..

At 9:57 AM, Blogger blogforwarriors said...

That Sara thing looks like a fat Margaret Cho.


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