Monday, April 18, 2005

Comin for that Number Two Spot!

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Throwin' it Down
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40 points! 40 points! No, not how many points Mike Dunnuthin' let Tim "mediocre" Thomas score on him earlier this year, but how many points the Warriors in the blue City jerseys were up on the LA Fakers tonight. 40 points!
Dare we say they'll be the best team in Cali next season? Well, let's not get carried away. They'll be a nice cool 2nd ahead of the LA Fakers and Cheapers (Clippers) and behind the Sacramento Queens. The Queens still have Bibby, Peja, Brad Miller and a veteran coach. But we'll take it!

B Diddy, JRich, Pietrus aka Air France, and Troy Murphy are gonna be a solid core. And Foyle's flirtatious smiles will bring the ladies and keep the sellouts coming in the arena. Bold Prediction- the Warriors will finally be a hotter ticket than the San Jose Sabercats.

NBA Regular Season Awards dropping soon- make sure to check the World Report.

Track of the Day- Ludacris "Number One Spot"


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