Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Preview: Warriors vs Bucks

The Golden State Warriors get a rematch with Milwaukee Bucks tonight at 10:30 EST. The Warriors are coming off a convincing 18 point win over the Bulls at home while the Bucks are trying to rebound from a huge 24 point loss to the Clippers.


ESPN Preview | Yahoo Preview | USA Today Preview | Local 6 Preview

The Bucks went 0-15 on the road last year against the Western Conference and they are continuing that trend so far this year.

The last game these two played was a week ago and the Warriors were the first team to send the Bucks home with a loss. Well tonight, the game is in Oakland which should give the Warriors an extra boost. In the last game, the Warriors struggled to put away the Bucks as they kept it close in the final minute. But with a couple big shots from Murphy, Baron, and Fisher, the Warriors were able to pull out the win.

This time around, the Warriors need to do the same things they've been doing, play good defense and contain TJ Ford and Michael Redd. In the last game, JRich held Redd to just 21 and only 2 free throws in the 4th. TJ Ford meanwhile had 11 assists (9 in the first half) to go with a 3-14 shooting night. So it seems the game plan was to take away Redd and make TJ Ford shoot instead of create for others. Another key to this game is to handle the Bucks' bigs, Magloire, Bogut, and Joe Smith. The Warriors need to keep them off the offensive glass to prevent any second chances. If the Warriors can pull off these three things, they give themselves an excellent chance to win.

By the way, I'm pulling for Dunleavy to put together back to back decent games. We really do need him to produce. So Mike another 15 and 6 will certainly help tonight. He needs to stop taking jumpers and drive the lane, get to the line because he's a good free throw shooter. Perhaps hitting a few free throws will get him in a groove to be able to hit his jumpers too.


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