Thursday, September 01, 2005

Props to Baron Davis

Too often the media and sports fans paint athletes in a negative light. Case in point: You've probably seen hundreds of stories criticizing Terrell Owens for his fabulous or obnoxious (depends on your take) TD celebrations, but how many stories have you seen showing the man some luv for his Sharpie school supplies for kids program?

Let's show the Warriors own Baron Davis some serious luv, not just for the dimes he drops to JRich, but for contributing $50,000 to Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund helping the good people in New Orleans.

Let's follow Baron's example and Donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.


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At 9:38 AM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

i leave for one week and now we have god damn commercial posts!!!??

oh well. I can always use an extra case of viagra and pepto bismol.

The more i read about Baron and the more i see him on tv the more i respect him and see him as a valued role model. MAJOR props to Baron!! We need more people like that.


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