Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wednesday's Warrior Words July 13th

The Wednesday Warrior Words highlight a particular interesting comment or email we received in the past week.

This week, we have selected some comments that you won't see on this blog and for a good reason. In our piece young fly and flashy... we covered the auditions for the flyest girls since well, The Fly Girls from In Living Color. For the first time ever on this blog we deleted a comment, 2 of them in fact. It was a tough decision since we're against censorship, but we decided to remove these sexist and offensive remarks because we believe in respecting our readers (a large portion of the Hyphy Bloggin' Networks' (HBN) readership is female) and secondly and most importantly- L.L. GSW BLOG.

Ladies Love the Golden State Warriors BLOG and we have nothing but luv for them too.

We usually don't dwell on the negative here, but just thought we'd turn the negative into the positive for this week's Warrior Words.

Thanks to everyone who has posted a comment or sent an email. From all of us here at the Golden State Warriors BLOG, we would like to extend our thanks for all of your continued support.
Drop a comment on the blog or send any emails to us at Next week, look for your comment or email on the Wednesday Warrior Words!


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