Monday, June 13, 2005

MVP Mock

The folks over at The City (Most Valuable Network) have the Warrior's taking UNC Point Guard Raymond Felton with the #9 pick in their latest mock.

With Frye off the board, suddenly there’s a gap in talent. The Warriors have the flexibility to take the best available player, but the the problem is figuring out who that is. Chris Mullin, Rod Higgins, and the Warriors’ scouts have spent months trying to figure this out. Obviously we’ll find out where they go on draft day, but when you look at the big board (instead of need), Felton just might be the guy out there. Bill Duffy’s influence may also have something to do with the pick, in addition to the fact the team could use insurance for Baron Davis. No matter what you want to say about Baron, he will always have trouble with his knee. Maybe the Warriors’ draft strategy will need to change, but the good news is that the draft is very deep in terms of point guard and power forward prospects.


At 10:58 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

Felton is my pick as well... i think he is the best pickup at that number only problem is we don't need any more guards. if we can broker that deal to bring elton brand to the warriors we could be incredible. but they always say pick the best player that available not by what you need. i think felton is a good choice!


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