Sunday, June 26, 2005

Concerns about TMurph?

Monte Poole writes Murphy at the center of Warriors' concerns arguing that the Warriors need Troy to become an inside force.

They never had a chance to get Andrew Bogut and because the value of height is dramatically inflated in the weeks before the draft, they'll probably lose out on Channing Frye. So if the Warriors are relying on the ninth overall pick in Tuesday's NBA Draft, it's unlikely they will be appreciably better in the paint next season.
Which doesn't mean the Warriors are out of off-season options to improve the weakest aspect of their team...

Which is why the Warriors, as they approach the 2005-06 season, need to find out if 6-11 Troy Murphy can be effective at something other than shooting 18-foot jumpers and grabbing uncontested rebounds. The Warriors need to see if Murphy has what it takes to plant himself on the block, wrestle with the league's gladiators and, above all, finish near the hoop.

In essence Poole is arguing that Murphy should do a little less of this:

And more of this...


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