Saturday, January 14, 2006

Recap: Warriors 104, Lakers 109

The great thing about Tivo is that you can fast forward parts of the game that make you mad. No one to blame but Montey for this Saturday Night Loss:

Highlights per quarter:
1st Quarter: Smush Parker and Kwame single handedly ran us into the ground with their fast breaks and alley oop dunks. Kobe made a couple sweet plays but for the most played team ball. As for the warriors, there was nothing special. A nice block from Ike was quietly forgotten by a laker fast break. Richardson's shot is vastly improving especially on his three pointers. Pietrus came in with 2 minutes remaining in the quarter for Dunleavy, and made a sweet spin move around Odom for two. Oh how happy I am Pietrus is back!!

So Monty, why didn't we put Pietrus on Kobe? Fisher you say?

2nd Quarter: Pietrus was a little rusty with a couple missed shots but its only a matter of time. Ike "foul prone" Diogu got the rookie calls and Kobe got away with the "super-star" no calls. What was impressive was Smush Parker again stealing the ball from Ike and dunking on him. Dunleavy made an unbelievable defensive play when defending a fast break and crouching away to give the lakers an easy lay-up. If you didn't pick up a hint of sarcasm on that last line please grow a sense of humor (or maybe I'll work on mine). Even more frustrating is Fisher's reenactment of Kobe as he tries to drive the lane and create his own shots.

3rd Quarter: At this point the scoring lead is going back and forth between the warriors and lakers. Kobe playing team-ball took all of us by surprise and we saw little glimpses of greatness from the warriors, but too much inconsistent playing. Dunleavy continued to disappoint even after i gave him the benefit of the doubt earlier today. Most exciting action in the quarter came when kobe had a fast break and dunleavy decked him in the face causing a scuffle. No one was ejected but i'm glad dunleavy wasn't afraid to get physical.

4th Quarter: What a block from Dunleavy on Odom. Did anyone see that? Watching Dunleavy makes me feel bi-polar. One play you are so excited from his play, the next you are down on him. Why is Fisher guarding Kobe? For the last 5 minutes, Kobe went off scoring 10 points while being guarded by Fisher. If Monty would have put ANYONE else on Kobe then the game could have been closer if not ending in a Warrior win.

Final Grade of the game: C-. Could have been a C+ if the warriors would have pulled out a win but I blame Monty for his lack of aggressive coaching.


At 6:25 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

Sorry guys. meant to post last night but forgot to press the little blue button :)


At 6:42 PM, Blogger Kirkkazas said...

I thought they played better than they have during the current losing streak. JRich found his shot and Baron was playing well. Good Warrior defense led to a lot of fastbreak points in the second and third quarters. JRich missed six or seven free throws? That was critical. Kobe made all his.

Yeah, I don't know why Fisher was on Kobe? I guess Coach felt Pietrus was still rusty or Pietrus said he couldn't do it. Same story about Warriors letting the the other teams non-franchise players beat them. Parker, Kwame, Walton all made their shots.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Time for a shakeup...

At 9:05 PM, Blogger mikej said...

I was a little bitter about the game too, but I basically saw the same things Kirkkazas saw: much, much better defense in the second and third quarters. In the first quarter, there were at least five cases of help defense not happening that allowed easy dunks/layups--each one should have been challenged.

I have to disagree about Fisher guarding Kobe. Fisher did a tremendous job on Kobe except in crunch time, and then, hey, Kobe's Kobe. Fisher bothered him constantly, causing him to contribute to a shot-clock violation and to miss over half of his shots in the time DFish stuck him. Pietrus is a great defender, but he had a less than stellar game, no surprise given his long layoff.

The easy buckets to Smush and Walton and Brown trouble me most. Ike had the best recovery of the night on the giant swat, but was missing in action more than once when needed, as was Jason (head turned) and Dunleavy (screened).

A final bitter note: the non-call of the game occurred when Fisher attempted to get through a Bill Laimbeer--sorry, Chris Mihm pick in the fourth quarter, and Mihm gave him a little 260-pound forearm shiver that floored him, and somehow nobody blew a whistle, except for whatever guy whistled audibly through his teeth somewhere near the broadcast mike. The Lakers scored on that play. Officiating did not lose the game for the Warriors--help defense and free-throw shooting took care of that--but that moment was memorable in a bad way.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

Great insights Kirk and MikeJ. I agree with the both of you. The Fisher thing just bothered me. I would have preferred someone bigger on him.

Maybe we are just a young team. I mean we lose games from the little things like free throws and missed plays.

I just would have thought that by half season we could be picking it up ... not slowing down.

Lets get them next game. We should do a text chat during the games. We'll figure something out.

At 12:14 AM, Blogger LancerEvoV said...

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the game, but one thing that caught my eye when I was looking at the boxscore was KWAME BROWN's 18 and 12 on 7-11 shooting. He's a bigger bust than MDJ, but he went off against us. Who was guarding him? How did that happen? 18 points on 7-11 shooting and 12 boards? Kwame Brown? He averages 6 and 6.

Everytime my friends and I see Fisher trying to create his own shots and pretending to be Kobe, we yell "KNOW YOUR ROLE!" He's a terrific spot up 3-point shooter, but when he tries too hard to make plays happen... he just needs to know his role.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

god i hate fisher trying to create his own shots. it makes me cringe!

Can't wait till next game. I hope with Pietrus back we can spark a nice run.


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