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Recap: Warriors 111, Celtics 109 - Hash Edition

(Editor's Note - you may notice this is the second postgame converage article on the Celts. This has more to do with our intense love for the W's and less to do with the fact that just as I was about to post this I noticed that Fuzzy already put up a postgame as well. In any case, see DJ Fuzzylogic's post above for additional coverage!)

Welcome back to the GSW postgame coverage where in the year 2006 every article will come with a free side of hyphy!

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On December 19th, the Dubs fell gloriously to the Celtics on their home turf. A lacking effort by Dunleavy and Foyle had led us to flush the game down the toilet and leave Boston winless AND chowderless.

Well as of yesterday, we have been avenged. The W's came strong out of the gates offensively and ended up snapping their 5 game losing streak against the Celts. And while we here at the HBN are relieved to see the W's pull out a... well W, there are still some concerns to address.

But before we get to the nitty gritty, I'd just like to throw out that yesterday, fellow HBN members Atma, DJ Fuzzylogic, and myself went to the Arena to see Ike start his first game. Right before the game started, Ike stepped out onto the court with a mic and wished the entire Arena a happy and prosperous new year!

Now I'm not a sentimental man. I don't gush over babies and I don't cry at movies. (That's not entirely accurate, Daredevil was so bad that I did in fact weep.) But when big Ike came out onto the Arena floor and wished me a happy '06, I damn near lost it. So in turn, I proclaim 2006 to be the year of Ike! May you be prosperous in boards, points, and swats my man. Hell if this were an election year, I submit that you would sweep the whole damn thing! Ike in 2006!

Clearly, I spent no more than 2 minutes on this.

Now speaking of Ike, he came out pretty strong for his first game as a starter. This doesn't really show in his line, but the kid has got a lot of hussle. He didn't get the rock all that much but he was out there diving for balls and playing aggressively down low. I'd say he played... well like rook with something to prove. He did not, however, prove that he was the answer to our prayers. I hate to bring it up because he DID wish me a happy new year, but one board Ike? Anyone who has been watching the Dubs recently and has seen you play knows that you are capable of way more than that. I'm going to chalk this one up to nervousness and move on. In any case, your 12 points were a welcome change to Adonal's normal contribution of 2. I was glad to see the Warrior Nation welcome Ike with open arms last night. Even when he fouled out of the game with 4 and half minutes left he took the bench with applause from the crowd.

I'd say from Foyle's performance last night, he's not all that happy about losing his starting position. I haven't seen so many rejections since last Friday night when I was at the bar! Five blocked shots makes a statement, Adonal. Unfortunately for you, that statement was, "I play better when I come off the bench." But great job defensively nonetheless from Foyle last night.

Jason Richardson. That name was a statement in itself last night. 36 point, 4 dimes, 5 jacks and even a nice little swat! This man was a wrecking ball yesterday. I swear at one point he started telepathically guiding the ball to the hoop. It's performances like last night that's earning him a permanent expletive as his middle name among opposing teams.

Other notable accomplishments from last night are T-Double's 17 points, Boom Dizzle's 12 dimes, and Cheaney actually scoring. Oh and also, Boston scored some points. Good for them!

Hey Dun actually put up 15 last night as well! Much like Diogu's line doesn't properly represent his play, Dun's line doesn't show the inconsistency that he displayed on the court yesterday. After seeing him play for quite some time now, it's clear that his major issue is simply a lack of confidence. He's been going through a lot of criticism since his big deal and from the look of his play, he's feeling like he has to impress. And while that isn't entirely untrue it would help to understand the following.

You don't step onto a court planning on scoring 30+ points. You score 30+ because you make smart decisions with the plays that were presented to you.

Mike was trying too hard and as a result failing miserably. When he needed to be aggressive he was weak. (Gets the ball deep into the post in a one-on-one scenario and passes the ball back out) When he needed to slow the play down he was too aggressive. (Airballed a wide open 3 shot; one of his 4 missed arc shots on his horrendous (1-5) 3 pt shooting) My personal favorite was when he got the ball deep in the paint with 2 seconds on the shot clock and instead of going up strong he dished the ball back out causing a shot clock violation. The crowd was so riled up that Mullins had to send the Warriors Girls out to the floor to avoid a riot. They didn't even have a planned routine! They just stood in an arranged format clapping to the music. I for one was pretty pleased with Dun for making the Warriors Girls come out for a bonus appearance.

Despite a win we were severely lacking on the boards (28 vs 38) and STILL shooting way too many 3's. Fish and Dun were the biggest perps in the category, both going 1-5 from the arc. But I'm going to spare Fish a berating because he created such a clutch layup in the final seconds in the game that got us the win. Shoot all the 3's you want as long as you make up for it later!

Fisher shooting one of his 3's last night

Another concern is the lack of defense in the paint. Mark Blount was abusing us down low with his 6 foot fadeaway. And when Blount can embarrass our big men like that, I fear for what may happen when a premiere center steps onto the Arena floor. Inside defense NEEDS to improve or we're gonna continue to beat the mediocre teams and get wasted by the contenders.

All in all, the Warriors were firing on most cylinders yesterday and it was refreshing to finally get a win under our belt again. Let's look towards a big win in Dallas on Friday!

Warrior Wonder: Jason @#@%$& Richardson. No explanation needed. You want some of this hot fire?!


At 1:16 PM, Blogger mikej said...

I like most that the Warriors started out strong offensively (thanks in no small part to Ike) and that they stayed tough when they needed to, at the end.

A few specifics. First, Dunleavy. His second half play was so awful that it almost obliterated memory of his overall contribution, which was quite good: he was the second key to the strong start, hitting over half of his shots and dishing several assists in the first half.

Second, defense. I was more disappointed in Diogu's defense than by anything else. My hope is that his inability to keep Blount out of Blount's favored spot on the block had more to do with inexperience than ability or size. Foyle's superiority on D showed plainly last night. Diogu is fiercely competitive and I expect him to improve, just as I expect Biedrins to learn to defend without fouling every minute--the pieces are all there.

But just as disturbing, if not disappointing, was our continued failure to rotate crisply on D. That's a team failure, and I'll just restate my support for JRich's comment a couple of days ago--"We need to focus on defense (and not worry about scoring).' Yes, and right now, please. On the other hand, improved one-on-one pressure contributed to Boston's numerous turnovers--the decisive difference in the game.

The rebounding was bizarrely awful. The coaching staff has focused on rebounding lately, and the result was one of Murphy's lowest totals ever, and Diogu with all of one rebound. Foyle was active on the glass, and Richardson and Dunleavy have stepped up slightly, which is important. Maybe the bigs' deficit will turn out to be an anomaly--sure hope so.

The win mattered more for morale and standings than for a demonstration of improvement.

At 2:45 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Just additional coverage? Nope.


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Hash said...

Eloquently put mikej. Defense and boards in general are going to be critical with the bigger teams.
With Ike as a starter we're going to have to see his defense improve drastically (one on one) as well as see the rest of the big guys stepping in and helping him out. Lot of people are worried about how effortlessly Blount was scoring. You've posed an interesting question here about Diogu. Was his lack of D due to inexperience or inability?

At 9:56 AM, Blogger allen mcgrady said...

I think that even though Oakland won, we shouldn't get our hopes up. I am from Oakland. I was for the Warriors all through Run TMC. I was a truly faithful fan.

Then we had THE DROUGHT. I don't think faithful fans deserve that crap. I mean we suffered for more than a decade. I didn't want to watch a Warriors game because I knew we would lose.

Finally I received a break. I saw Carmelo and thought this guy was the best. So I supported him, because I gave up on our organization. I mean after we drafted Jay- Rich I expected big things. I didn't get them. Then we drafted Dunleavy Jr. This guy is great, famous coaches son right? Wrong. He didn't give us much. Besides his 3-pt shooting, what else does he bring to the table?

All this win says is- I think that we can live up to the hype that we are Western Conference Finals contenders because we beat the Celtics.

We can win bigger than this. I know we can. What I am saying is, this win shows nothing.

If you hate the Spurs, then read my blog.


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