Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Recap: Warriors 100, 76ers 111 - Oakland, we have a problem...

Wow! Now that was a high pressure intro. Just for future reference kids, anytime you are introduced with an image of Dwayne Wayne and my man Marlon together - make no mistake, you better come with it.

So this is me. Coming with it. All hail before... it.

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I wish that my first article could bring better headlines than, "76ers Bend Warriors Over Like a Brown Man Receiving a Cavity Search at Airport Security", but sadly enough that's all I have to work with. So without further hesitation let's roll up our sleeves and dive right in.

Before I sat down to write this I looked at my trusty IM screen only to see a comment that Atma shot over after the game. While short and simple, I found it profound enough to sum up our experience tonight.

"damn, warriors made the sixers look like the best team in the nba"

-atma brother #1

This statement wasn't entirely inaccurate as the Sixers have now won 6 or their last 7 games. Frankly, I was hoping the Warriors would break out of this little rut that they are in and get a win against a premiere team.

Instead, we allowed The Answer to hit us up for 38 points, 6 boards, 8 dimes, 3 jacks, and a partridge in a pear tree. And while we were so busy "containing" Iverson, CWebb picked up the slack and hit us up for 27. Oh, and while we were "shutting down" CWebb, Kyle Korver ordered himself a delicious In N Out #1 (double-double). And while Korver was chomping that one down, Samuel Dalembert was one rebound shy of an In N Out meal himself! Who the hell is Sam Dalembert?! This man is averaging 8 point a game this season yet manages to drop 10 in the first quarter on us? Ouch.

When the game went to commercial break, I'm pretty Philly subbed in some of their cheerleaders to get a few boards on us. Y'know, that way everyone could feel good about themselves...

As disgusted as I am, let me give credit where credit is due. J-Rich and T-Double. These guys got out there and did what they always do. Solid performance from J-Rich, especially in the 3rd quarter where his 15 points brought the W's within 3. Thanks for the hope, kid. TMurph put up yet another double-double and solidified his place as the most underestimated player in the history of time. And let us not forget the extra kudos for shooting 10-10 from the charity stripe. After all, that's what it's there for.

I'd also like to commend Biedrins on a solid (although small) performance. 8 point on 4-4 shooting and two blocked shots? I'll take it.

Now to the dirty part. Has anyone informed our boys that the 3-point shootout doesn't happen until All Star weekend? The team went 8-23 from beyond today. JRich, I know I gave you some props earlier but I'm looking at you here (3-7). Boom Dizzle, where are you going?! Get back here Mr. 2-8. And Fish!!(1-5) Fish Fish Fish... I expect better from you. What happened to the electrifying moves that you employed to help the Lakers win so many Championships? Oh wait, you did nothing but shoot 3's there too. You're all grounded! Go to your rooms that are bigger than my house and stay there!

It's been said before and proven again tonight. We need to cultivate a better inside game so our boys don't feel like they need to resort to the 3 on every possession. It's a downward spiral out there. First they drop the 3 because of the lack of open looks on the inside. Then they get in the habit and don't even look down low before hurling the rock.

This brings me to our lack of inside game. I know here at the GSW Blog there has been a history of ragging on a certain $44 million investment. Well Dunleavy, you managed to put up 11 tonight. It's not the most impressive feat, but seeing as:

a) it is so rare to see you score in the double digits
b) you made both of your 3 point attempts

I will spare you the standard verbal humiliation. Nooooooow visual humiliation on the other hand...

Technically, I didn't say anything!

But Dun, you weren't the worst of the bunch. Foyle spent his 28 minutes getting more fouls than points and did nothing to remedy his terrible shot-blocking efforts this season. Calbert "Throw in the Towel" Cheaney spent his 2 minutes in the limelight missing his only shot and getting a foul. Ike continues to go unused (3 minutes) despite demonstrating in the past that he is capable of being aggressive in the post.

Heck with it. Let's just shoot some threes.

Don't get me wrong. Despite my disgust aired today, I'm very optimistic about this squad. They have showed in the past that they are capable of containing some very formidable offenses. I'm just disappointed that they didn't do it tonight.

Hopefully they'll approach Detroit ready to remedy the situation. If it stays like this, it's going to be messy.

Warrior Wonder

I was going to give this one to the Murph because of his solid play, but due to his 3rd quarter 15 point spurt that gave as all hope (if only for a moment), JRich takes it down. But he's still grounded!! Awwww but look at that face. How can I stay mad at him?!


At 11:20 PM, Blogger dubspinners said...

good post hash! hope you keep writing for the warriors blog.. go dubs!

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Hash said...

Thanks for the feedback dub! (I just noticed you left this.) I hope I have more positive postgames to write about in the future, but either way I'll keep them comin'


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