Sunday, November 06, 2005

Warriors 85, Jazz 91 - Gone Fisher?

My apologizes everyone for the late column on Friday Night’s game against the UTAH JAZZ. But it took me a while to calm down from my furious antics and demoralizing spirit so that I could comment on the game without too much pessimism.

Let me begin by saying, BARON PLEASE COME BACK. It amazes me to see how important one man is to a team. As obvious as it is, Baron is the heart, the soul, and the OFFENSE on our team. So let us take a moment and pray, for the Baron to be healthy.

The Warriors lost 85 to 91. The positives … (cricket, cricket). Well the positives were that I sat in the season ticket holder’s section ogling the cheerleaders. Ahhhh cheerleaders. Also I was amazed by the new rookie sensation Aaron Miles. I’d like to call him Air Miles but we can’t do that. The kid can play and the kid can run an offense. Whenever he was on the court I had the confidence we could make a comeback. I also wish I was able to see more Monte Ellis, but for whatever reason coach didn’t put him in. I also thought Pietrus was OFF THE HOOK. The kid is still young but my god he’s good and he was the spark plug for the offense that night. He needs more playing time and I urge coach to put him in. I don’t mind if he and Dunleavy are on at the same time, but Pietrus needs more playing time!

(I think Mullin has a thing for the Asians. I like!)

Ok now the negatives. Basically I just want to comment on 2 things. I am trying hard this season to just be an excited fan wanting more, but 2 things really bothered me at the game and I wanted to see what others thought.

1) Foyle – I love the guy so I won’t rag too much about him. But I mean come on. Did anyone see the game. My little sister seems stronger then he is. And she would be able to catch a simple pass unlike my boy Foyle Friday Night. I turned to Atma Brother and asked him how much the Warriors were paying him, and he said “it doesn’t matter because most of it comes back to the community anyways”. I thought that was a good comment and decided to keep on rooting for him. So Foyle, you’re still the man!!

2) Now here is where my frustration and anger comes into play. I would like to make a public announcement. PLEASE MULLIN, RELEASE DERICK FISHER. He was horrible, and I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this but if anyone saw the game Friday night I think they would agree. We call him the "Anti Brevin Knight". Fisher is more detrimental to the Warriors then TO is to the Eagles. Fisher must have played too long with Kobe because with Baron out, he took it upon himself to shoot all the time. And I mean all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I saw J Rich open, or Pietrus open, or even Troy open, but I saw Fisher at least 12 times, dribble between 2 defenders, go to the rack, come back out and try for a long 2 or 3. I was shocked and angry. Then when the shots weren’t going down I saw Fisher yelling at Pietrus all night. I felt bad for Pietrus. The kid seems so nice and he took the verbal abuse, but just watching Fisher act like a clown and then blame his play on others during time outs or calls, I have to say, Fisher is a bad bad man. Bad bad man. And if you are reading this Fisher, I have to please ask you, try being a point guard and set up the offense. We aren’t paying you $36 million to be a Kobe or a Tmac. We have Troy, J Rich, Dunleavy, and Pietrus, who should be shooting or going to the rack before you do a Bill Murray impression in “Space Jam” (I know you all saw that movie).

(maybe he should change his look, yea thats it!)

So in conclusion, I’m still excited over the season even though Baron is hurt. I’d like to see coach bench Fisher on his poor play and let the new kids Ellis and Miles take the point but we’ll see today.


At 10:11 AM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Fisher's a good guy. All that money to his college. I don't like his game (the anti-brevin knight), but he's a good guy.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

I forgot to add ... they also shot a horrible Free throw % of 58. that didn't help either but looks like Baron is playing right now against Knicks so this should be good.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger player Jamon said...

Real talk folkers. Der Rick Pescado is horrendous as a point guard. There is no excuse for his shot selection. Dude is obviously tripping, so the blame really goes on the coaching staff and the front office. Pack him up with Dunleavy and trade him for earl watson.


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