Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Warriors Rankings: Adonal Foyle, #20

So how does Adonal Foyle stack up compared to other centers in the league this year? Behind the obvious top tier centers, i.e. Shaq, Yao, Ilgauskas, Amare (the healthy one) and even Brad Miller, Adonal Foyle seems to compare well to the rest of the pack. Although he may be shorter than most centers, at 270lbs he has the bulk to bang with the big boys. His numbers are "shorter" than most other centers as well. If you look at last year, the numbers don't encompass what he does for the team on the court. He averaged only 20 mins, 5 pts, 6 rebs and 2 blocks per game, but he hustled and brought back a scrappy edge that was lost when "The Custodian" aka Brian Cardinal left. Because of the lack of tangible numbers, ESPN.com's Hollinger rankings have him ranked #40 out of 70 centers in the league. #40! That means there are backup centers in the league better than Foyle. He'll improve on that rankings this year as many reports propose that Foyle will have a better year due to increased off-season workouts as he's added 12lbs of muscle and dropped his body fat percentage. With the young Biedrins in his 2nd year and the drafting of Ike, Adonal has come to training camp motivated to stay ahead of the young bucks.

Even if you don't like his stats or don't want him to get any burn, at least he's better than Michael Olowokandi and most importantly, he's one of the good guys in the league. If Hollinger's rankings were based on good guys, Adonal would be #1. Unfortunately for Adonal, numbers are important. Not contract numbers because if you saw those, you'd think he was a top tier center. We're talking about basketball numbers, points, rebounds, blocks, etc. Anyways, let's just look at how he ranks versus the other other starting or could-be starting centers in the NBA this year:

1. Shaquille O'Neal
The most dominant center in the league-bar none

2. Yao Ming
If he adds some lower body strength he could even be better but his size makes up for SOME of that

3. Zydrunas Ilgauskas
A Fantasy B-Ball Dream plus you can't really bag on the #'s he puts up

4. Brad Miller
Puts up good #'s and plays hard all the time. we all know he can take a punch too from the #1 center

5. Amare Stoudemire
He's not #3 because he'll be GQ-ing on the bench for a couple of months

The rest of the pack:
6. Mehmet Okur
No more Ostertag baby, big things this year for the Jazz center.

7. Marcus Camby
If he stays healthy, one of the best shot blocking centers in the league

8. Chris Bosh
A star overshadowed by LBJ and DWade. Hurts that he plays in Canada.

9. Ben Wallace
Only his size and offensive numbers hurt him

10. Brendan Haywood
Big, strong rebounder for run and gun, no pass Wizards team

11. Tyson Chandler
See #7, Camby, Marcus.

12. Nazr Mohammed
Should fit in well next to timmy d allowing spurs fans to be thinking, "rasho who"

13. Eddy Curry
Take into consideration that he's healthy

14. Marc Jackson
Former Warrior...enough said...he'll be an all star some day

15. Dan Gadzuric
Bubba Sparx made his song about this guy's game - "It's gettin uglyyyyy!!!"

16. Primoz Brezec
Last year, started strong, finished with a whimper. Hopefully he keeps it up this year.

17. Chris Mihm
You know what they say about big ugly white guys.

18. Joel Przybilla
Was a beast at the end of last year. Saw him play the Warriors last year in Portland - roamed the paint, grabbed boards, and intimidated shots.

19. Jeff Foster
Former warrior...very good rebounder...probabaly won't be an all star ever

20. Adonal Foyle
Needs to increase offensive output both on the low post and in the mid-range to move into the top 15...no one can knock his hustle

21. Erick Dampier
Apparently got his money now doesn't care about playing hard, so good riddance

22. Andrew Bogut
We'll see how he plays in the NBA

23. Steven Hunter
Will move to Philly help him?

24. Samuel Dalembert
Will move up in the rankings if he can over come his slight sophomre slump last year

25. Zaza Pachulia
Can we take someone seriously when their name is "zaza?"

26. Chris Kaman
See #17, Mihm, Chris

27. Jamaal Magloire
Solid in the middle for the Hornets

28. Kurt Thomas
With no Amare, he'll have to pick up the slack against tough bigs in the West.

29. Kelvin Cato
When healthy, is a decent backup center. Problem is, he starts.

30-35. Tony Battie, Loren Woods, Jerome James, Vitaly Potapenko, Lorenzen Wright, Nenad Krstic
Do you really care about these guys?

What do you think of Adonal? Should Adonal be ranked higher or lower than #20?


At 10:55 AM, Blogger the city said...

look, I signed up on blogspot just so I could post a comment. that's love.

anyway, it's so tough to judge centers. especially since there are maybe fifteen or sixteen true centers in the league. i think bosh is a forward more than anything, but the top three should be shaq, amare, and yao. bosh would be fourth if he applied.

four i disagree with being so low:
thomas at 28, magloire at 27, pachulia at 25, and dalembert at 24. all of these guys don't deserve to be below steven hunter or chris mihm.

--dave from the city

At 2:15 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

I'm with Dave. I think Thomas, Magloire, and Dalembert should be ranked higher. Everyone thinks the Sixers overpaid for Dalembert, but I actually think it was a good signing. The kid is raw, but his rebounding and shot blocking potential make it worth it.

At 2:57 PM, Blogger BBallBlog said...

I'm with city and atma about Thomas and Magloire, especially.

And Amare wasn't going to play center this year - this is the whole reason they traded Quentin Richardson for Thomas, so Thomas could play the five, and Marion and Amare could move back to the forwards.

If we're basing this off last year, I would have gone Shaq, Amare, Yao, Brad.

If we're basing it off this year, I would have gone Shaq, Yao, Brad, Zydrunas.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger fantasy junkie said...

I agree, these guys were ranked too low.

As a note, we took the depth charts off the ESPN team sites. So whoever was listed at Center we ranked in that position. So even though Amare was going to play PF, he was listed at C, so we counted him there.


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