Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Warriors must be geniuses...

How did they know that Chris Taft would drop to the 2nd round???? Well I guess they have proven that the Warriors are draft savvy. For all the people hating on Diogu, just look at his stats. He's a Pac-10 freshman of the year, he averaged 19pts as a freshmen!, last year he averaged 23pts 10 reb and 2+ blocks per game, he has scored in double digits in like 80 straight games, he shoots about 60% from the floor, he's about 80% on free throws, he has a 7-footers wing span (making him a poor-man's Elton Brand). ESPN.com considers him scrappy, and very well offensively skilled, he may be slightly undersized but his arms length make up for it. I think with star power on the team (Baron Davis and J-Rich), Diogu will be a solid contributor willing to do some dirty work and contribute some of the intangibles(new custodian?). Diogu's stats show that he is more versatile than most people think. Seriously, how many big men with his size shoot 40% from 3-pt range?? Diogu is built ready to play in the NBA now. The tools are all there for Diogu and the Warriors can see that, ultimately it's up to him how hard he's willing to work to become a star. Granted Hakim Warrick IS a stud and will provide more highlights, it's players like Ike Diogu that will do things to win ball games.

Now with the drafting of Chris Taft, he is one of the biggest mysteries of the draft. Pre-season he was considered a lottery pick. After watching some of his games during the season and watching him play against Pacific (my alma mater) in the NCAAs he showed signs of great athleticism and great potential. Taft could be a super bust or a super steal. This is a good place to take a chance on a player like Taft. He should get some more discipline under the Mont. Stats show he plays well under good teaching coaches, ie. Ben Howland(head coach at UCLA now, got his team in the tourney in his 1st year there). If he ends up being a steal expect him to leave after two-three years ala Arenas. At this point we should applaud the Warriors on taking a chance on Taft.


At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Warriors knew Taft would be in the 2nd round because he wasn't drafted yet. Their not geniuses nor can they predict the future; he just happened to be there...

At 9:52 PM, Blogger fantasy junkie said...

This first comment by anonymous is absolutely genius. "the Warriors knew Taft would be in the 2nd round because he wasn't drafted yet." Oh and they also knew he was available at #42 because he had not been drafted yet! This is the kind of genius analysis that only we as warriors fans can come up with. I'm sure you meant something really deep but i have no idea what you're talking about. Are you saying that the Warriors knew Taft was going to be available in the 2nd round because he was not drafted by #9? That makes no sense either though. Please explain.

"he just happened to be there..." I'm absolutely blown away. Again, another insightful comment. This should have gotten the wednesday warriors words.

1) the comment was a joke
2) they're = they are
3) taft is a steal at #42 seeing that he had the potential to be a lottery pick.

again, if you post some stupid stuff, we'll rip you. and if we post some stupid stuff, by all means, rip us.

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous you're my fantasy said...

I'm sure you meant something really deep but i have no idea what you're talking about.

HAHAHAHA! Hillarious


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