Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Some draft news

So as the days draw close it seems that more and more sites are leaning towards Channing Frye with the #9 pick. Ownthedraft.com has a scouting report on Frye and it doesn't seem too good. They say best case scenario on offense frye should be like Chris Mihm and Samuel Dalembert on D, worst case scenario he'll be Loren Woods. This is a HUGE downside on almost all accounts. Ok.....so Samuel Dalembert on D....thats ok....I can live with that....but Chris Mihm on O.....how come someone even consider that good? Collegehoopsnet.com thinks otherwise....they have the warriors taking Danny Granger....who hailing out of new mexico....is a questionable decision since the warriors dont need another scoring swingman type player....if the warriors draft him they would definately need to show me what they are trying to do....i think long term he would be "ok"....and thus making dunleavy trade bait...but the one glaring problem here is....the warriors still lacking the void of athletic big men....youre basically banking that Biedrins will step it up....which may seem unlikely at least for this year....with picking Granger....it will also be tough for Pietrus to get some PT once again.....inside hoops has the warriors taking Fran Vazquez because the Knicks seem to need a player like Channing Frye...which makes sense....the knicks need anything however....can't talk much about Fran Vazquez....draftcity.com seems to be pretty high on him however...saying that in a private workout with Tiago Splitter...he was the one that shined the most...being "atheletically exuberant" so what about his D???? they fail to mention that part....however hoopshype.com say other wise...that he blocks a lot of shots and his offensive game could use some work....with these contrasting views....it seems that what everyone is trying to say....is that he is athletic but un-polished....which ultimately means he's not gonna be game ready for 2 seasons....draftcity.com in more recent posts has come to say that the warriors are now leaning towards Joey Graham, the captain for OK st. this year....he is a small forward that espn.com says is similar to Corey Maggette....which makes absolutely no sense for two reasons.....first Joey Graham is HUGE....much stronger than Maggette....he seems more like a John Wallace or a heftier stronger OK st. alum Desmond Mason...and second..why do the warriors need another perimeter player?? so as the days come close...it seems if available...the warriors should go with Frye...or as previously proposed....trade down for hakim warrick...villanueva....or some euro.


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, why you hella on villanueva's nuts?

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, dude. I don't think the Warriors drafting Danny Granger is a questionable decision. First off, Granger is a superb defender and shotblocker. You can never have enough of those players. Second, yes, the Warriors need another athletic big man but the draft is just one way of getting one. If someone like Granger is taken, it would be a safe assumption that the Warriors will be looking to trade for the big.

In regards to Pietrus, he's going to get his playing time regardless who they draft. This team is built around Baron and Jason. They need to get players who'll fit their style of play.


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