Wednesday, June 29, 2005 says we get an A-

Here's what said about the Warriors draft:

Round 1: Ike Diogu, PF, Arizona State (No. 9)
Round 2: Monta Ellis, PG, Lainier HS (No. 40)
Round 2: Chris Taft, PF, Pittsburgh (No. 42 from LA Clippers via New Jersey)
Analysis: I must be getting a warm place in my heart for the Warriors.
First it was Andris Biedrins. Then the Baron Davis trade.
And now they've put together a very solid draft that gets them some serious help on the boards from Diogu and Taft and a young prospect who could eventually back up Davis and Jason Richardson in the backcourt.
Some will say the Warriors took Diogu too high. I don't think so. I think the Elton Brand comparisons could be dead on. He'll add much needed toughness and rebounding up front and he's more skilled than teams give him credit for.
We've been tough on Taft most of the year, but in the second round he's a steal. If he plays with a chip on his shoulder, he could end up being the best pick the Warriors made on Tuesday.
Grade: A-


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Taft 4 President said...

Mark my words- Taft will be an All Star someday for the Warriors.


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