Saturday, June 25, 2005

As The Days Draw Closer...

Seems there isn't even a consensus #1 pick! Furthermore, it seems that there is even more deviation on who the Warriors would be able to select. This year's draft seems to be a complicated one to say the least. With players such as Danny Granger, Hakim Warrick, Chris Taft, Ike Diogu, Martynas Andriuskevicius, and Fran Vazquez all going to different places on different web sites. The Warriors have been projected taking Granger, Frye, Diogu, Warrick, Vazquez, Joey Graham, and even Sean May just to name a few. According to the NBA standards and predictions, we can start by looking at who they decided to invite to the green room: Bogut(obviously), Felton, Frye, Granger, Green, Yaroslav Korolev, Sean May, McCants, Paul, Spain's Fran Vazquez, Villanueva, Hakim Warrick, Webster, Deron Williams, Marvin Williams and Antoine Wright. The glaring ommision is Ike Diogu, the poor man's Elton Brand, who many expect to be chosen by the Warriors. Could this be a potential sign that the NBA doesn't feel that he has lottery potential? Do other NBA exec's feel the same way? It's hard to compare Ike Diogu's stats to many of the other players in the draft meerly because he played at ASU which didn't get alot of exposure, but his #'s are outstanding, almost carbon copy of his competition Hakim Warrick. The potential for Warrick to get the nod here is the percieved opinion that he had much played against tougher competition. Looking back at the green room invitees, I honestly question the invitation to McCants, granted he's a good player and his #'s dipped this year because of increased talent on his team, I don't see alot of teams looking to take an undersized SG with "potential." A Julius Hodge (NC St.) or a Francisco Garcia (Louisville), who put their teams on their back this year would seem to be safer bets. So it seems that the theme of this year's draft would be to expect the unexpected, due to the fact that it's unsure what teams are going to draft on need and what teams are willing to risk it for the future on a player such as Andriuskevicius (who is rising fast). Basing my opinion on the Warriors Draft Central website, it seems that the Warriors and experts think they have a chance at: Martell Webster, Tiago Splitter, Hakim Warrick, Charlie Villanueva, Ike Diogu, Antoine Wright, Channing Frye, and Fran Vazquez. Also expect Sean May to get some consideration in the up-coming days as well.


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